We, as Timberlab, work on a living environment in which sustainability, safety and perception are central.

“With Timberlab we are searching for a combination of innovative light, design and functionality.”

Netty Van Dorland: “The idea of the wooden lighting was already there: lighting that is not just standing inside nature, but is also part of nature. We are surround by the magnificent Veluwe, living in the middle of the woods and with recreational areas all around. Nature has always been an inspiring and creative factor in our activities. I love to work in this with our team”.

“My challenge is the creation of client-specific solutions, new products and systems.”

Gerben Van Dorland: “Whatever solution we come up with; it must always at least stand out in terms of the parameters sustainability, safety and perception. Just nice is not good enough. Our solutions must also be smart. Not because the market requires so, but because it is out nature. We want to create something wonderful. In addition to producing our ‘standard’ armatures, we like to be challenged by our customers. They have an idea or a dream; we translate that into a concrete product, while combining beautiful wood, design, technology and craftsmanship. Besides, we like to co-create together with different partners and suppliers. For instance, Van Vliet chestnut wood”.