The uplights are major part of the Timberlab lighting solutions. The uplights are used to highlight walls, trees and buildings. By applying a watertight soil led spot, a robust bollard is created. Thanks to the contemporary and natural appearance, the armature will be hardly visible during day time, but during the dark hours it is ideally suitable for the illumination of any environment.


Different light colours

Like our other lighting solutions, these products are available in different light colours. You can choose from 2.700k, 3.000k or 4.000k. Our uplights standard come with a 1 meter cable. On request, we can equip the uplight with a connection box and lead-through for 2 ground cables.


Customized uplights

Besides the possibilities of, for example, deviating dimensions. We like to develop the desired solution in consultation with you. Think of adjustments in light technology or other types of wood or materials. Challenge us!
Take a look at our projects to get inspired.


Our wood species

The uplights are available in Chestnut or Oak. Our Chestnut comes from France or Italy. It is a tree that grows reasonably fast but still produces durable wood. In some parts of Southern Europe, the “coppice culture” has existed for over two thousand years. Due to the rotation time of the coppice (15-20 years), only a limited area is cut from these coppices, so that a varied biotope is maintained. The wood is naturally very durable because it contains a lot of tannic acid. This means that the armature will remain in mint condition for at least 20 years. The Chestnut wood will age though, over time, as a result of which the armature will turn into a beautiful part of the natural environment. For an authentic, stylish appearance of garden or park.


More information about the Timberlab products?

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