Wildlands Adventure zoo

Sustainable candlelight for a zoo

HOMIJ’s question was quite simple: make us a lantern that shines like a candle, being safe, energy-efficient and sustainable. Gerben Van Dorland: “We like to be challenged! Aligning wishes concerning the design, the technical demands and the feasibility is what we love to do. We received a question, for instance, about integrating emergency lighting within the mood lighting. And the challenge: how can we make the lanterns look ‘ancient’. What to do with cables, how can we conceal them in the massive chestnut posts? How to hang the armatures, while maintaining the appearance? Ultimately we delivered the armatures including bamboo and chestnut post, fully assembled and with cables. They could be placed straight away.”

Customisation in mood lighting

The sustainable candle lighting and the cooperation with TimberLab is very satisfying. So much even that Gerben and Netty can take care of all mood lighting for the visitors of the WILDLANDS zoo. For instance under the jetty near the hippo-pool, in the train carriages, around the desert and inside the various restaurants. On our way in the park, the storm lanterns on bamboo canes and wooden posts lead the way. At the viewpoint in the savannah, one can also find a nice variant to the chestnut BOSCO, integrated in a fencing.

About TimberLab

Frits Van Kooten: “Gerben himself contacted us; sent samples and that is how the collaboration started. We had a good time working together, he is smart, has the capabilities and cooperates in every way to reach a maximum result, and we have got just that: really a magnificent view, more than 500 flickering lanterns”.

See for yourself! WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo in Emmen

"At the construction of WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen it was all about ‘perception. WILDLANDS had some definite ideas about the lighting alongside the path; they should look like old storm lanterns, flickering as if the wind was blowing against them."

Frits Van Kooten, Homij Technical Installations