Off-grid solar solution

The next step in sustainable, natural lighting: the off-grid solar solution. Apart from the armature, you install a PV unit and a battery bank.

The advantages
No 230 V mains cable required: no digging, no energy costs
Best positioning of the PV panel (not in the shade, to the south, correct angle, etc.) for a high return
Connecting several wooden lanterns and bollards to one system. So they always turn on and dim at the same time
Up to 10 years warranty (with service agreement)

Smart controller
The system has a built-in controller that is able to switch and dim the light in the period of time between dusk and sunrise. In addition, the system is able to optimally use the available sun-energy and batteries. Good to know: protection-systems for the LED lighting, battery cells and the charging process can be set as required.

10 years of care-free energy
In combination with a service-agreement, TimberLab can take care of everything. We ensure periodical inspections, maintenance and reports. As such, for both the wooden armatures and the solar off grid, we offer a system warranty of 10 years. Contact us for a tailor-made proposition.

The development of the solar off grid is made possible with the assistance of RCT Gelderland.

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Battery pack, batteries placed in a waterproof unit inground