Rural Living

Customisation garden lamp EYE
The Haanschoten family lives rather rurally and were looking for matching lighting for their veranda and private home. Lighting with a rural appearance and preferably in the same type of wood as the veranda. At TimberLab they found the garden lamp EYE larch. In a customised design, their request was that the armatures would light the terrace as well as the adjacent path. No problem: TimberLab adjusted the garden lamp EYE with a double module and thus created a lighting point on both sides.

Frank: “I’m also quite content with the warranty. After a month something went wrong with one of the armatures and I received a new module. I’m not much of a DIY myself and thought it would be very complicated to replace it… or those posts with a wire going through them, how should I do that? But it was rather easy to replace. Via a small hatch at the back. Very neat, very easy. That’s also convenient for any future issues”.

"We have a total of four posts: two with a light on one side and two with a light on both sides. The light output is more than expected. At first we thought we might need more posts. But this suffices. It blends in nicely with everything and connects the veranda with the home. This is exactly like we wanted it. We are quite satisfied!”

Frank Haanschoten, private homeowner