Reflector poles

A reflector pole is a barrier pole that can be used for various applications. For example for marking roads or walking and cycling paths. The wooden reflector poles indicate the course of the road and contribute to road safety. In addition, they are also widely used in parking lots and in nature and recreation areas. The wooden reflector pole is standard available in chestnut wood and has reflective stripes. The reflector pole has a robust and natural look, just like our other chestnut products. The reflective stripes are made in half white and half red, which can also be used to indicate a drive or walking direction. The wooden reflector pole is fully assembled so that it only needs to be buried and placed. The pole is available with a flat or angled head and rises up to 50 cm above the ground.


Combination with other Timberlab products

Our reflector poles are also perfect for combining with the ALTO. A combination of the BLOCCO and ALTO is beautiful in parking lots in the middle of the woods, a nature campsite or a holiday park. When a robust, authentic look is important, this combination performs at its best.


Customized reflector poles

Besides the possibilities of, for example, deviating dimensions. We like to develop the desired solution in consultation with you. For example, we can also supply this product with a single reflector band, combined with a light point, a different color reflector band and a route or nameplate. Nothing is impossible.


Our wood species

The wooden reflector pole is made entirely of solid chestnut wood with a diameter of +/- 190 mm. Our chestnut wood comes from Italy or France and is a beautiful robust wood type. It is a tree that grows reasonably fast and still produces hard wood. In some parts of Southern Europe, the “coppice culture” has existed for over two thousand years. Due to the rotation time of the coppice (15-20 years), only a limited area is cut from these areas, so that a varied biotope is maintained. The wood is naturally very durable because there is a lot of tannic acid in the wood. This means that the wood can last for 15 to 25 years!


Contact our experts

Have you read everything about our wooden reflector poles and are you interested in this beautiful product? Please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists. You can reach us via the contact form. We can also be reached at the telephone number and email address that you can find on our website. If you want to immediately receive a price indication for our reflector posts, you can request a quote by adding the products to the shopping cart.