The BOSCO solar is a development of the normal BOSCO. The fixture is equipped with a PV panel in combination with a state of the art built-in control electronics and energy storage. The solar energy is stored as efficiently as possible. Due to the contemporary and slender design and the aging of the wood, the luminaire is hardly present during the day. In the dark, the BOSCO shows its best side. With just enough light to functionally illuminate a path or access road.

  • Chestnut
  • 500mm or 900mm high
  • An anti-theft solution is available for the BOSCO solar, which makes the pole more difficult to remove.
  • Available in 2.200, 2,700, 4,000K and amber (593nm).
  • The luminaire can be fitted with a built-in PIR presence sensor. The LED will illuminate at 10% after switching on. When detecting movement, the LED will switch temporarily (5 min) to the maximum light output.

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