Marina Muiderzand

The positioning of the different wooden exterior lighting on Marina Muiderzand was divided over different deliveries. After a while all armatures will have aged at the same time. For the parking space and the roundabout that gives access, different BOSCOs have been applied, giving a warm welcome to visitors of Marina Muiderzand. Along the access road, harbour building and harbour area STRATOs have been applied.

Van Hees Infra & Recreation
Patrick Van Hees: “After years of work in the underground infra-technology, the last few years of which in the recreation sector, in 2014 we decided to start our own company Van Hees Infra & Recreation. Because of their unique character and sustainable appearance, to us the TimberLab wooden lighting products are a welcome addition to our trading assortment. If desired, we take everything off the customer’s hands, including the design, positioning and connection of the wooden lighting”.

“We help with sorting out the development of recreative surroundings of our customers. The key elements are sustainability, quality and creativity. The TimberLab products are entirely consistent with this.”

Patrick Van Hees, Van Hees Infra & Recreation