Light poles

Integrate decorative lighting into natural environmental settings is one of the main goals of Timberlab. Our product range of sustainable light poles creates the desired atmosphere in every environment. The light poles are unique in both functionality and design. The wooden light poles can be placed at the entrance of a camping or holiday park, a private driveway or along bycicle paths. The Timberlab STRATO, for example, is loved by many of our customers for its beautiful and rustic appearance.

Do you wish for a robust and authentic light pole? The ALTO would be your perfect option. This durable pole looks great in every place; a parking space in the middle of the woods, a natural campsite or a special holiday park.
We have already found an appropriate lighting solution for many clients, in which the wooden outdoor lighting is one with nature or is part of the public space.


An authentic appearance

Our light poles are untreated which cause their colour to evolve over time, usually darkening as they weather, and become part of their environment. This ensures an authentic, stylish appearance of the wooden outdoor lighting. Take a look at our projects for an impression of our sustainable light poles.


Different light colours

Like our other lighting solutions, these products are available in different light colours. You can choose from 2.700k (standard), 4.000k and Amber (bat-friendly). Research and experience show that bats’ flight routes and residences may be intruded by artificial light sources. Especially light sources with a high content of ultraviolet and blue light are strongly perceived by bats. As a result, they can be disturbed in different ways. The same research shows that bats are less sensitive to amber-coloured light with a wave length between 580 and 600 nm. As a result, the bats are less hindered in their behaviour. For the TimberLab products, we developed an amber-coloured LED module. Take a look at our light colours to see what colour suits your needs. All our led modules are very energy efficient (18 Watt) to ensure that you can enjoy your Timberlab products for a long time.


Your light pole customized

Besides the possibilities of, for example, deviating dimensions. We like to develop the desired solution in consultation with you. Think of adjustments in light technology or other types of wood or materials. Challenge us!
Take a look at our projects to get inspired.


Our wood species

Each of our light poles is handcrafted in the Netherlands in a choice of high-quality hard- or softwoods: Larch, European Oak, Sweet Chestnut, Cumaru or Accoya. Our light poles are untreated which cause their colour to evolve over time, usually darkening as they weather. All our wood species are durable and have a life span of 10 to 50 years, depending on the species. To ensure that the intended life span can be achieved, our Larch products are only available in combination with a steel post support. Our other wood species are perfectly suitable to be placed in ground contact. Obviously, all our products are available with FSC® or PEFC™ certificate.


Extremely durable light poles

Accoya is a frequently used wood species for our light poles. Accoya is modified timber and guaranteed for 50 years above ground and 25 years in ground or freshwater. It causes our bollards to be durable, non-toxic and dimensionally stable. Take a look at ACCOYA for more information or take a look at our wood species if you would like to know more about the different advantages and applications of our high-quality woods.