Which light colour do I need?

2,700K, 3,000K, 4,000K, 5,400K

When selecting our armatures you have a choice of different light colours. The most common colour is 3,000K, simple, bright light. If you are happy to choose a warmer colour, then select 2,700K. This colour is somewhat closer to the colour of halogen light. The brightest light colour is 5,400K, which is particularly popular in southern countries. In the Netherlands this colour is actually not widely applied, but if you like, we can provide your armature with super bright light.


For the STRATO and ALTO it is a bit different. These lanterns are usually applied for car parks where additional functional light is desired. In this case, often the 4,000K is chosen (whiter light and more light), which ensures more contrast in order to, for instance, recognise people better and to be able to see everything. In order to create an atmospheric driveway, we recommend 3,000K. This provides a somewhat warmer light and is more accessible.