The Imminkhoeve is situated on an area of a hectare in size, with various group accommodations and a car hotel, especially suitable for adapted holidays. The signposting on the terrain is highly important: TimberLab developed it, together with Ard Pouw, Head of technical service of the Imminkhoeve and designer Marieke Groenewegen.
The result is a combination of signpost and lighting as one: an extended wooden exterior lamp, the EYE, with signs. This way the light goes exactly where you need it! Obviously the signs are thought of and positioned such, that they are easily legible from a wheelchair position. For the illumination of the paths, the Imminkhoeve chose one of the proven TimberLab solutions, the EYE garden lamp larch.
About TimberLab
Art Pouw: “The cooperation with TimberLab and Gerben is absolutely great. What he say and is able to do and creates, that is what it is. He meets his commitments. I really like the illuminated wooden sign at the entrance, in which the logo has been sandblasted, a piece of art in itself. Additionally: the price-quality ratio is good, they are not the most expensive. And you really get something worthwhile!”.

"The lighting has been here at the farmstead for three years and we like it very much. The wood tends to age a bit, but it is durable and it is a nature product, so it blends in well. In the day time you wouldn’t notice the posts. They are there, but you wouldn’t think so. They just belong with the surroundings. At night though, they are real eyecatchers. If the light is on, it is a great experience. The exact right illumination of the paths that is required for this elderly target group."

Ard Pouw, Head of technical service Imminkhoeve