Hotel De Sterrenberg

Hotel De Sterrenberg
Natural, modern and warm are starting points of Hotel the Sterrenberg. Therefore, obviously a lot of sustainable materials were used in the total concept. The use of wood both inside and outside, is an absolute eye catcher. Hotel the Sterrenberg can be found at the entrance of the National Park the Hoge Veluwe and the Kröller-Müller Museum. An excellent spot to enter nature or enjoy the wellness offered there.
New variant to the wooden lamp post STRATO larch.
For the car park, our 3.5 metres high STRATO larch was chosen. In order to generate proper light distribution, the ordinary wooden lamp post STRATO was alternated with a variant with double lighting head. Alongside the foot paths, we work with the wooden garden lamp EYE 150. We are placing a total of 46 armatures in the car park and alongside the footpaths in the park-like surroundings of the hotel.

“We were approached to come up with ideas for the lighting for the car park and the park-garden to be constructed around the hotel. Especially for this project, TimberLab invented a lantern with armatures on each side, really magnificent! Everybody loves the end result.”

Bertus Van den Brink, ROBRI