B&B De Factorij

Historical monument
Martine Moors: “I was searching on the internet for exceptional exterior lighting that would be in prefect harmony with our exceptional building. You cannot just add anything to it. It is quite a remarkable and historical monument. And, while searching, I found Dorlight (nowadays called TimberLab). What I saw there, I found there, made me quite happy. And then I ordered it. As simple as that. Our main contact was through email; the PERI’s were delivered and installed by our installer. Afterwards, I ordered a few more. A customer had hit a post and damaged it somewhat. I like to have a few in stock”.

"All absolutely fine!" the owner of the beautiful historical monument ‘B&B the Factorij 10’ is very content. For her unique, elongated building that served as a cigar factory until 1950, she sought and found the perfectly fitting exceptional exterior lighting; our PERI.

Martine Moors, owner