Bed & breakfast

Illuminating fence posts
Bertus and Gerben started working together and came up with illuminating fence posts in the style of the STRATO. Together with the robust oak fencing, this ensures an elegant and warm welcome. The production in oak was exceptional, a first for TimberLab at the time. Gerben: “Oak is somewhat more difficult to process than chestnut wood, that we use on a more regular basis. It is harder but, because of that, it is also more sustainable and it is very pretty”.

Green Key quality mark
At “Onder den Peerenboom” they take a warm welcome very seriously. It is implemented in all aspects of the company and the service provision. Not surprisingly, this is the only Bed & Breakfast in the Netherlands that holds a 5 tulip classification as well as the international Green Key quality mark for companies that pay special attention to the environment and surroundings. So they are doing a good job! Does your company hold the Green Key-quality mark? Than it might be useful to know that TimberLab has been included in the Green Key-showcase. You are therefore assured of a certified supplier of sustainable products and services.

About TimberLab
Bertus: “I am a fan of Gerben; he is very creative and almost always comes up with a solution. Additionally, when working together, he’s an absolute mate”.

"As a technical wholesaler, we frequently create illumination plans for our customers and are happy to fit in TimberLab products. But this case required more than one of the ready-to-use armatures. This exceptional Bed & Breakfast wanted to provide additional appeal to their entrance by use of a little customisation.”

Bertus Van de Brink, wholesaler ROBRI