Charging posts

Beautiful inconspicuous wooden charging posts ensure that you provide a nice additional service for your guests. Good to use at campsites, hotels and restaurants, or at the visitor centre of national parks. It can be used to charge your guest’s electric bicycle, but also for connecting other electrical (garden)equipment. The charging posts are standard available with a single or two sockets. If wanted, we can add a bicycle charging logo. Additionally, the product can be combined with many other Timberlab products. For example, we can combine the charging post with a water tap or with lighting.


Different models

The Timberlab charging posts are available in two different models: Connect and Connect Chestnut.  The Connect charging post is available in different wood species: European Oak, Larch, Accoya, Cumaru or sawn Chestnut. This model is available in 10x10cm and 15x15cm. It is 50cm above ground level. The Connect Chestnut is roughly debarked and has a natural robust appearance with a diameter between 18-20 centimetres. Both options are easy to connect with a junction box and also have an IP55 waterproof socket. If you do not have enough depth or you want to place the posts on a terrace, we offer a solution with base plate that does not require the charging posts to be buried. For all products, the wood ages over time and the posts become part of the environment. This ensures an authentic, stylish appearance of the charging posts. Also take a look at our range of Timberlab bollards that make a perfect combination with the charging posts.


Your charging post customized

Timberlab is your partner if you are looking for customized products or solutions. Together, we develop the perfect solution. Think of adjustments in technology or other types of wood or materials. A good example customization is our combination of the EYE and a CEE charging post that have been used on a campsite. Take a look at our projects to get inspired or get in contact with our proffesionals.


Our wood species

Each of our bollards is handcrafted in the Netherlands in a choice of high-quality hard- or softwoods: Larch, European Oak, Sweet Chestnut, Cumaru or Accoya. Our bollards are untreated which cause their colour to evolve over time, usually darkening as they weather. All our wood species are durable and have a life span of 10 to 50 years, depending on the species. To ensure that the intended life span can be achieved, our Larch products are only available in combination with a steel post support. Our other wood species are perfectly suitable to be placed in ground contact. Obviously, all our products are available with FSC® or PEFC™ certificate.