Camping Roosdunen Ballum

Camping Roosdunen
You can visit this family campsite throughout the year for a holiday or just a few days’ break!

New design
During a visit on location by TimberLab and Van Vliet Chestnut wood, a recommendation was drawn up for the design and the lighting at the park. The old steel dilapidated bollards were replace by the TimberLab path lighting the BOSCO, fitting perfectly within the natural environment and lay-out of the holiday park.
Additionally the new playground was enhanced with TimberLab wooden lighting BOSCO’s and TRONCO’s.
As such, the playground is now also visible and looks nice at night, additionally providing a nice entrance to the campsite. Unique at Camping Roosdunen, is the oak entrance gate, fitted with gate posts with lighting. A bit of customisation that the entrance to the min-golf course can be locked with (see page 20).

Van Vliet Chestnut wood
Ernst-Jan Damen of Van Vliet Chestnut wood realised this project.
“It is nice to be able to say that, in addition to the chestnut fencing, gates and furniture, we were now also able to assist Camping Roosdunen with matching natural, sustainable lighting.” As such, we have become a total supplier for Camping Roosdunen. The cooperation with Timberlab was quite pleasant and professional. We make use of short lines and mutually exchange many ideas and experiences, as a result of which, we are able to manufacture innovative products for our customers, time and time again.