Europarcs de Wije Werelt

It is all about perception
Meanwhile the TimberLab products are appearing everywhere at campsite De Wije Werelt. Herman: “The cooperation goes beyond standard products, it is the customisation and the creative solutions that we are so happy with”. At campsite De Wije Werelt, luxury and natural experience go hand in hand. The campsite is part of the Ardoer network and can boast high appreciation of its guests.

Renovating and innovating
Every year they are building on a better experience, for instance by renovating the park continuously. Gerben Dorland: “The renovation takes place piece by piece, and when lighting is required, it is our turn again. We supply a ‘ready-to-use’ product or develop something new together. Exactly what is needed”.

“Our contractor came to us with TimberLab products for the first time. He found that they suited camping the Wije Werelt and he had a point there! We started with the wooden lamp posts alongside the entrance road. Because of the stylish, natural lighting, guests immediately get that good feeling as they enter our campsite."

Herman Prangsma, owner of De Wije Werelt