Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens of Utrecht University

In the botanical gardens, which are part of Utrecht University, you will find Fort Hoofddijk. After the renovation of the fortress, it was decided to use Timberlab's lighting fixtures. The entrance doors to the fort are illuminated by the EYE 150 in oak. In addition, SOTTOs have been placed in the borders. These sturdy uplights elegantly illuminate the fort's facade. It is certainly worthwhile taking a look here.

"I wanted to give the fortress the look it deserves. After coming across Timberlab's products elsewhere in the country, I asked for an appointment. After this, Timberlab provided us with a number of demo models so that we could see if this would fit into the plan. It turned out that we did not think the original uplight fitted in and that we wanted it to be in the same style as the EYE. For this we designed the SOTTO, which completes the overall picture! "

Mark Joon, Utrecht University